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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  November 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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stream in. almost overcast by the afternoon but we do stay dry. over to you. we have delays on the red line in both directions because of an earlier situation at gallery place. that's been resolved but the residual delays will continue. buses are running on schedule. we've been keeping a close eye on the water main break. right now on 50 we're dealing with an accident that's blocking the shoulder on the westbound side at 201. the water main break is in arlington north courthouse road. again troy street is going to be your best bet. that street running parallel to north courthouse. we'll have an update on the situation around town in about ten minutes. over to you. new this morning, that water main break that larry has been telling us about giving commuters a headache is expected to be an issue all morning long. >> it could even last days. we're trying to get the information. nikki burdine is live near courthouse road in arlington with what we know so far. nikki? >> reporter: this break is right in the middle of a very busy section of arlington. it's in courthouse right next
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to the carlington -- arlington courthouse. it's just down the hill from where i'm standing right now so it's hard to see from where we are. take a look at some of this video. it will most certainly impact your commute if you live or work around here or even if you have to get on 50 from courthouse which is definitely impacted. utilities are being marked now so hopefully soon you'll be able to get in and start digging and find the break so they'll start repairing it. until then they don't know how big the break is and they don't know how many people are impacted. arlington county water officials tell us some people will be without water. others will have a lighter pressure than normal. the water is shut off now. north courthouse road between 50 and 14th street is closed in both directions as well as route 50 exit to courthouse both east and westbound. that is shut down as well. a lot of people will be impacted this morning both driving here and their water pressure and maybe even being without water. people at the courthouse are not impacted. likely the people who are
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impacted are a little further down courthouse road. we'll keep you updated on the situation as it develops as soon as we get an update from arlington county water officials. we're following breaking news out of lorton, virginia where police are on the scene of a shooting on forest glen drive. a man was shot just before 1:00 this morning. police believe the shooting followed an argument between two men. they say the victim and suspect knew each other. the victim was flown to the hospital and people who were in the home at the time are now being questioned. we have breaking news in the crash of that russian plane. investigators say it was a terrorist act that caused the crash of the peafng plane last -- passenger plane last month in egypt a. homemade explosive device they say is what blew up the plane. all 224 people on board most of them russian tourists were killed in the crash back in october. an isis affiliate claimed responsibility for that attack. get this. this is also new. russia is offering a $50 million reward for information leading to the arrest of those
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responsible for downing that plane. also new this morning, france is asking its eu partners to help it fight financially the terrorists. meanwhile secretary of state john kerry has just wrapped up a meeting with french president francois hollande about the terror attacks. >> his visit comes after the international manhunt for the suspects linked to the attacks continues. the u.s. is promising to stand by france as the country grieves for those who were killed. >> we're absolutely committed to increasing our efforts in every degree possible and thoughtfully, carefully. >> overnight the french military reportedly dropped more than a dozen bombs on the group in syria destroying a command and training center in the city of raqqa. expect to see more police around d.c. today and for the foreseeable future. >> officers are on high alert following the latest isis video that mentioned the district directly. delia goncalves is live in dupont circle with reaction to that video. >> reporter: that's right.
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folks who are traveling on metro this morning expect to see more police officers and a lot of folks we talked to already say that extra presence is reassuring. the latest isis video make as direct threat to washington, d.c. and residents will see the republican. stepped up police around the capital, in city streets and underground. metro officers bringing in canines and conducting random bag checks. the chief saying commuters should keep annual eye out for anything suspicious. i just checked in with the latest with f.b.i. and homeland security. they cannot verify the authenticity of that video. however, they say we should take that very seriously. i'll have more on that side of the story coming up at 6:30. we're live in dupont circle, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> thank you. coming up 06:05. a new -- on 6:05. a new congressional report shows more than 250 americans have joined or tried to join isis. house lawmakers found that one in four recruits are from minnesota. refugees started arriving there
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from somalia back in the 1990's. two own a restaurant in minneapolis. they sat down. >> reporter: do people assume you have ties to terrorism. >> we heard the bad news. you don't hear the good stuff. >> many young somalias feel like they don't fit in, in minnesota. >> experts say that type of identity crisis is often the root of radicalization. for the latest on the terror attacks, download the mobile app for 24 hours of coverage. philadelphia says u.s. gun violence is a form of international terrorism. the mayor delivered that message to loretta lynch during a meeting here in washington yesterday. nutter says there really is, quote, no level of distinction between the daily violence in america and international terrorism that takes place primarily in cities.
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philadelphia has more than 240 homicides this year. a chestertown, maryland college is expected to reopen this morning after shutting down yesterday because of a threat. washington college called off classes yesterday saying a student threatened to get a gun. police contacted the parents of the unidentified sophomore in pennsylvania but they haven't caught up with the student just yet. washington college officials say police will continue to patrol campus today. students were asked to shelter in place throughout the night. marriott announce as big purchase and shares of hilton hum met 2%. mayor -- plummet 2%. marriott will buy star rival hotels at a price tag of more than $12 billion. starwood brand hotels include the weston, the w, and the st. regis. a firefighter severely burned in a blaze 14 years ago has the most extensive face transplant ever. >> a new report says the baltimore police department was not prepared to deal with the riots that broke out after the arrest and death of freddi
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gray. -- freddie gray. >> it's cool and breezy out here. temperatures are headed to near 60 degrees which is above average by a few degrees. however, much cooler than yesterday. clouds are here. we'll stay dry but i'm tracking some showers and even a thunderstorm is possible. we'll have that coming up on wake-up washington. right now sky 9 making its way toward 295 right now to show us how things are shaping up this morning. but a bit of a rolling shot as folks wake up and get ready to head to school and/or work this morning. again, we're keeping a close eye on several incidents that could slow down your morning commute. we'll get you around them faithfully and to school on time. stay with us. we'll be right back. >> the widow after war hero wants her money from the junk man. she made the call for action ♪ every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'.
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welcome back. 10 minutes after 6:00. we're off to a good start. high clouds are starting to work their way in. we'll see lower clouds work their way in this afternoon becoming mostly cloudy. temperatures 60 degrees. notice well off to the west in the blue ridge and points west you could see a couple of sprinkles later on tonight. staying dry for most of us, though. near 60 degrees. we'll talk about that heavier rain headed your way this week coming up but here's larry million we are traffic. good morning. good morning. good morning to you at home. traveling westbound on 50 you will see a little bit after slowdown. remember, we had that accident at 201. the shoulder is blocked but looks like we have residual delays because of that accident. here's a live look right now at 50 at 202. you can see traffic flowing freely but once you approach the accident site, you'll certainly slow down. we'll have your drive times
6:11 am
around the metro and a first look at marc and vre after the break. tensions are high in minnesota after an officer- involved shooting of a man some witnesses say was handcuffed. >> today troubled actor charlie sheen prepares to make a revealing announcement about his health. wake-up washington is back right after this. 6:11 welcome.
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talking about the stock market going up and down, it's been the same pretty much for our temperatures. unseasonably mild in november. and we're changing again. >> absolutely. it's going to get pretty cool this weekend, but we're heading into thanksgiving week. we've got to get ready for it. >> the kids were in short yesterday. by the time thanksgiving gets here, we're going to be bundling up. >> it will be a little cold this weekend. today still mild. temperatures near 60 degrees. that's cooler than yesterday but still above average. cloudy skies today as well. take a look at our mike & son camera. the high clouds starting to work their way in late other today. as the winds turn more easterly, that's when we'll get the low clouds working their way in. so becoming cloudy through the amp. however, we do -- afternoon. however, we do stay dry today. things will change tonight into
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tomorrow. 47 degrees. even though we'll end the day cooler than yesterday, we're starting off a few degrees warmer so we change that out with the clouds here in place. look at this. through arkansas, louisiana, monroe, that is where severe weather is expected today. severe weather watch boxes in yellow. tornado watch boxes in red. this is going to sweep on through. this is the same front headed our way come thursday. we are not expecting severe weather, though, but we are going to see a wet commute and possibly a few thunderstorms and heavy rain. so clouds continue to work their way in today. an easterly wind will bring the low clouds and a few areas of sprinkles along the blue ridge and off to the west. toondz and through wednesday -- tonight and through wednesday areas west could see a couple of showers. thursday morning for the morning rush, we're looking at heavy rain through about lunch time. then it gets out of here for your drive home on thursday. highs today about 60. not a bad day. just not as beautiful as it was yesterday. a couple of showers off to the west tomorrow. heavy rain for all on thursday. and drying out.
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there's your chilly day on sunday. highs only into the 40s. larry, over to you. commuters traveling from laurel toward the capital beltway, issues on the bw parkway southbound between the beltway and 410 where we have an accident right there. not sure in terms of how many lanes could be closed. looks like only one expected at this point. all it takes is one issue on the bw parkway and it is slow going and that's exactly what we have going on right now. add anywhere from i think 15 to 20 minutes to your morning commute. that should do you just fine. marc train riders everything is running on schedule. vre also running on schedule as well. we're issue and problem free along i-270. from middlebrook road to the capital beltway now a 13-minute commute. no major issues . /-66 but the closer you get -- i-66 but the closer you get toward fairfax and the beltway, the slower it will get. from sully road for north lee highway a 27-minute commute. northbound from gordon boulevard to 395 an 11-minute commute. traveling the inner loop of the beltway from arena drive to st.
6:17 am
barnabas road, you're looking at an 11-minute commute. your next traffic update coming up shortly. 6:17. here's what's in the news. tensions are high in minnesota after another officer-involved shooting. hundreds of protesters shut down interstate 49 near downtown minneapolis last night calling for justice for jamar clark. witnesses say the 24-year-old was shot by police over the weekend while handcuffed. police say he wasn't handcuffed. officers were answering a domestic call and clark was interfering with emergency responders who were treating his girlfriend at the time. the baltimore police department was underprepared and disorganized during the protests and rioting that followed the death of freddie gray. the report was conducted by a police executive research firm. kevin davis says many of the problems identified in the report have already been corrected. a texas man is being held on $2.5 million bond in connection with the deaths of six people at a campsite south
6:18 am
of dallas. he's 32-year-old william hudson. the bodies of a man and a woman were found in a travel trail other sunday. then the bodies of four men were found in a pond on monday. a medical feat is giving one man the chance at a new life. 41-year-old patrick hartison was a volunteer -- hardison was a volunteer fireman who was badly burned. he underwent a face transplant. he could now regain normal vision and should be able to start driving again. in other health news, guinea's last emoll bah patient has -- ebola patient has been treated and released. the country begins a 42-day countdown to officially declare the ebola outbreak over. we'll hear from charlie sheen about what he calls a revealing personal announcement. many media outlets are saying he will reveal this morning
6:19 am
he's h.i.v. positive. the 50-year-old actor is scheduled to do a live network interview in a little while. a british screen legend is being remembered. he was known for his roles in international films including gandhi and a passage to india. he was 86. president obama has named 17 recipients of the nation's highest civilian award, the presidential medal of freedom. baseball legends willy mace and the late yogi berra will be among the honor es. -- honorees. senator barbra mikulski will also be honored. the ceremony will be held next week. small businesses hurt by superstorm sandy a while ago could be qualifying for federal loans soon. >> draft kings and fandual try to -- fanduel try to keep fantasy football in new york.
6:20 am
>> clouds continue to move on in this afternoon. we stay near 60 degrees. i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms this week. stay tuned to wake up washington. >> looks like the commute along 295 making your way toward the 11th street bridge is getting frustrated. bw parkway southbound being brought to a crawl because of an accident. we're going to get you around that trouble spot plus an update on how things are working in arlington given that water main break that's affecting north courthouse road. stay with us. much more coming up after the break. >> good morning. aim tommy mcfly with the group that sold over 30 million albums, grabbed 13 grammys and hasn't been on tour for 14 year
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. at 6:23, it's time for your money. leaders from countries in the pacific will echo a sentiment heard across the world condemning the spur race attacks. they're gather -- the paris attacks. they're gathering in the philippines. the normal response to the paris attack will be released when the apex summit ends on thursday. president obama has landed inned philippines for -- in the philippines for this concert. his first major stop will be a tour of a navy frigate. he plans to spend most of his time promoting the transpacific farther nearship trade -- partnership trade agreement.
6:24 am
small businesses affected by sandy -- superstorm sandy may be able to apply for federal loans [ inaudible ] the storm slammed much of the east coast on three years ago. the house passed the plan by a voice vote. the ceos of two mortgage giants, the pay could be capped soon. the house pass add plan to cap the total compensation of fannie mae and freddie mac ceos to 600,000 a year. the government rescued the two companies with a $170 billion taxpayer bailout at the height of the financial crisis back in 2008. two fantasy sports companies head to court next week as they fight to stay operational in the state of new york. a new york judge has den identified fanduel and draft kings' request to block an order from the state's attorney general to shut them down. the ag says their operations amount to illegal gambling. the department of justice has reached a $95.5 million
6:25 am
settlement with education management corporation. the firm runs for profit colleges and trade schools. the settlement resolves allegations that the pittsburgh- based company used deceptive recruiting practices to enroll students it knew were unlikely to finish its program. 6:25 now. still ahead the government has approved the sale of more than a billion dollars worth of smart bombs to the middle east. >> the man linked to the disappearance and murders of the lyon sisters is due in court today. allyson. >> we are gearing up for an okay day, but big changes headed your way. we are starting off with clouds and temperatures headed to near 60. here's our current temperatures as you step out the door. 46 degrees in leesburg. i want to take a live shot, though. this is from denver. and i'll tell you what. they are gearing up for pliz discard conditions today -- blizzard conditions today. this is part of the same storm headed our way. we're not talking snow or severe weather but i'm going to track some showers and thunderstorms headed your way. winter has arrived in colorado.
6:26 am
not very comfortable out there. we'll be right back to wake-up washington. -- to wake up washington. >> you talk about the weather in colorado. we're talking about the traffic here at home. and it is slow going on the bw parkway southbound as you make your way in toward the district because of an accident. you can see traffic right there being brought to a crawl. commuters still want to hop on the bw parkway, again you'll need to add anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to your morning commute to bypass this situation. alternate? route 1, bat the more avenue. we'll -- baltimore avenue. we'll talk about that and a look at how things are shaping
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6:30. is today tuesday or wednesday? >> it is tuesday. >> it's tuesday. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. i'm andrea roane. larry miller is tracking major issues on the bw parkway and in arlington at courthouse road. we start with first alert meteorologist allyson rae. another interesting november forecast. >> yeah, absolutely. it's not going to be as beautiful as yesterday but the sunrise sure is great. take a look at this from our michael & son camera. high clouds will do that for you. today will be fine, just not as perfect as it was yesterday. 47 degrees out there. we'll head to near 60. so just upper 50s. actually pretty typical for this time of year temperature wise. clouds are moving on in and it
6:30 am
will only get cloudier through the afternoon. we are going to stay dry today. different story as we head through tomorrow and more so on thursday. details on that coming up in just a bit. high temperatures reaching about 60 degrees through the district. here's larry miller. good morning. good morning. of course good morning to you at home. we're keeping a close eye on the water main break out in arlington. we're going to hear from nikki burdine in a bit. biggest issues taking place in prince george's county. bw parkway southbound between the beltway and 410. we have an accident causing a slowdown for commuters trying to make your way toward the 11th street bridge. and this just into the traffic center. we have another issue on 95 southbound. this is between 212 and the beltway. the shoulder is blocked but it's certainly going to be slow going for commuters traveling from laurel making your way toward college park. again just add a few extra minutes to your morning commute. anywhere from 10 to 15 will do you just fine. on i-270, this is falls road. southbound traffic here shows you that everything is flowing freely as you approach the capital beltway in bethesda.
6:31 am
your next traffic update coming up in roughly ten minutes. now over to you. we continue to follow the water main break. we've been telling but it all morning long. >> nikki burdine is live at the scene with what we know so far. take it away. >> reporter: we are at 14th street and north courthouse road. the actual water main break is a bit further down at the bottom of the hymn. that's prove -- hill. that's proving to be a an enbigger problem because the water is -- an even bigger problem because the water is starting to collect. take a look at some of the video we shot earlier. this happened about 2:00 this morning. aim told utilities are -- i'm told utilities are being marked now. hopefully they'll be able to start digger, find the break and repair. we don't know how many people are impacted. arlington county firms say it could be light pressure for some people and some people might actually be without water in this area. the jail and the courthouse is just right here at the corner of 14th street and north courthouse. i'm told they are not affected.
6:32 am
they have water as well as a few restaurants and residents here on the corner of 14th and courthouse road. they also have water. if you do not have water, please give us a call and let us know. we have not heard from anyone without water. people may still be waking up. we have a call into arlington county water officials to see their timelines for getting this repaired. as soon as we get an update if them, we'll pass it along you to. this road between 14th and north courthouse is closed in both directions as well as the ramp to get off of 50 on to courthouse road. that's the latest in arlington, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. the latest from france, the interior minister there says authorities carried out 128 police raids overnight. >> they follow the terror attacks in paris that killed 129 people and left many more badly hurt. just hours ago secretary of state john kerry wrapped up a meeting with french president francois hollande. the u.s. is promisto stand by france as the country
6:33 am
grieves for those who were killed. the international manhunt for more suspect tbhs that attack -- suspects in that attack continues. >> d.c. police is responding to what they say could be a terrorist-like attack at home. >> reporter: if you can, it's possibly a good idea to add extra time to your morning commute because police will be conducting random bag checks as part of their stepped up security. >> we should take them at their word. we are the bull's eye. >> reporter: even though there is no credible threat, terror experts say the latest video from isis promising a pair-like attack in d.c. should not be taken lightly and police are responding on high alert. canines and bag checks on metro. armed officers around the capitol. police say they're counting ow this morning and all day today to remain vigilant. if you see something, they say say something. we're live in dupont circle,
6:34 am
delia goncalves, wusa9. one of the terror suspects entered europe disguised as a syrian refugee and that's creating controversy here in the u.s. president obama wants to allow 10,000 syrian refugees to enter the country over the next year. but the governors of at least 25 states have either said they will not welcome syrian refugees or they've said more security information is needed first. >> we're going to suspend things until we have a chance to talk to the u.s. department of homeland security. >> the safety and security of the people of the commonwealth are my highest priorities. >> roughly four million syrians have been displaced by the fighting. applicants for resettlement here are screened by the statement department and homeland security. house speaker paul ryan is considering legislation to beef up the screening process for refugees but legally there's very little any governor can do to stop someone from moving to their state once they're allowed into the country. be sure to stay with wusa9 for the latest on the paris
6:35 am
terror attacks. download the wusa9 mobile app for 24-hour coverage of this and other events. 6:35 now. the state department has agreed to a deal to sell over a billion dollars worth of smart bombs to saudi arabia. the pentagon says the 22,000 bombs will be used in saudi's military campaigns in yemen and syria. congress still has 30 days to block the deal but it's not expected to do that. the man linked to the disappearance and murders of sheila and katherine lyon, lloyd welch is due in court today. prosecutors say welch and others abducted the girls at the old wheaton plaza decades ago. he allegedly held them for several days in a house in hugh yachtsville and then murdered them. detectives say the girls ages 10 and 12 were then burned and buried in bedford county, virginia. welch is due in court in bedford at 1:30 this afternoon. also this morning a prince william county man accused of forcing his way into a woman's house and throwing a bade down the stairs has a bond hearing.
6:36 am
james brown face as series of charges including cruelty and injury to a child. prosecutors say he assaulted a 24-year-old woman at her home in woodbridge. then grabbed a 7-month-old girl and threw her down the stair stays. the baby suffer add serious leg injuryes -- suffered a serious leg injury. the d.c. commission will listen to public comment on the pepco-exelon merger. they will get three minutes to voice their concerns. the two-day hearing will be held today and tomorrow at the commission hearing room. it begins at 10:00 a.m. a federal report says more than 2,000 terror suspects legally purchased guns inside the u.s. >> and flying with your family pet is about to get more complicated on one airline. we'll explain. >> it's breezy out here and cool. temperatures are starting off a little warmer than yesterday. not the case this afternoon. we're going to top out near 60. clouds continue to increase. we stay dry today. that's not going to be the case
6:37 am
either as we head through the rest of the week. i'll have your extended fut cast coming up on -- futurecast coming up on wake up washington. >> sky 9 on the -- sky 9 giving us a live view of the area. we'll get you around trouble spots and an update on how things are shaping up on metro coming up. stay close. >> they help us wake up washington every day. look at this. petpics9. send us your pics. ready for a great day. >> looks like he's going to go for a run. >> sassy says hi. she loves riding anywhere. super cute. >> and look at this. getting loving from daddy. a tummy rub any day or night. (man) hmm. what do you think?
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bonus cash on select vehicles, on top of all other low ford friends and neighbors offers. it all ends november 30th. welcome back. it's just about 19 minutes to 7:00. i want you to take a look at our michael & son camera. beautiful. take a look at that now i have to put the forecast over it but it was good to look at. temperatures near 60. cloudy and dry. it will become mostly cloudy. we'll detail out the rain headed your way coming up. here's larry miller. a beautiful shot with that picture but unfortunately the traffic scene a different picture this morning. again, we have delays on the red line in both directions because of some earlier train milel -- train malfunctions. thankfully buses are running on schedule. on 50 at 301, again no major issues as you approach the
6:42 am
capital beltway traveling westbound but expect a slowdown as you get closer toward the district. we'll have much more coming up after the break. we'll send it over to you. a man travels from arlington to las vegas and decides to record his trip. >> i love the story because it's me. there's just one problem. he didn't know how to use his son's go pro game a. wait -- go pro camera. wait till you see
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they have given the united states so much. key intelligence on how to put potatoes in boiling oil. my favorite way ofki ssing. half the continent at a bargain price. no takebacks, guys. this is what you thought you were seeing when you woke up.
6:46 am
what are the sanitary standards in german hospitals. that would terrify me if i saw that. you thought you were looking at the lead singer of corn? >> it was him. it was him. "the washington post," you know, they did a story. he remembers the day. we were up there doing a concert. >> it was the lead singer of corn? >> yes. >> he probably never thought after winning -- not winning receiving the medal of honor that he would be in so many places on television. he does such a beautiful job. we thank him for his service. time to check with our partners at cbs this morning to see what they're covering this morning. >> senator a o'donnell is -- norah o'donnell is live in new york with a preview. >> good morning. we are in france and belgium tracking the manhunt for the terror sus intects. plus, -- suspects. plus, there you new
6:47 am
developments in allowing refugees right here into the u.s. inside the new documentary that interviews all 12 living c.i.a. directors. it's the most incredible piece of television i've seen in a long time. the father fighting to bring his american son home from brazil. the news is back in the morning. there's a lot of it today so we'll see you right at 7:00. >> thank you, norah. right now 6:47, we get the news about our changing weather again. you're wearing a necklace that's yellow but no yellow alert day. >> i think by thursday we'll have the yellow alert day. it will impact the morning rush and your lunch hour. today not so bad. today we're looking at a cloudy day but a dry one. temperatures will be fine, near average but definitely not 70 degrees like we saw yesterday. take a look at this beautiful sunrise, though. absolutely stunning out there with these high clouds reflecting the sunrise nicely. as we head through the afternoon, these winds are out of the east and it will be a little breezy but easterly winds and on shore wind, that's going to bring in some low
6:48 am
clouds. so becoming pretty cloudy through the afternoon. we're going to get enough sunshine through the morning hours to get us up to near 60 degrees which is 2 degrees above average but 10 degrees below where we were yesterday. 47 degrees. the clouds help keep our temperatures warmer through the overnight hours. that's why it's not as chilly this morning. severe weather expected through parts of arkansas and louisiana and parts of east texas later on today. on the back end of this, it's so cold, they're getting blizzard warnings through colorado and parts of denver. this storm will trek our way come hurs. we're not -- thursday. we're not expecting severe weather but we are expecting showers and thunderstorms. clouds continue to dream on in. temperatures near 60 degrees. overnight tonight and through the day on wednesday areas along the blue ridge and off to the west could see a up come of light showers. even areas west of 95 through wednesday afternoon could see a couple of showers. but again most areas are dry and cloudy.
6:49 am
by thursday morning, 5:30, heavier rain and also thunderstorms popping up. here they are between 10:00 and noon bringing some of the heavy rain across our area. it does move pretty fast so by the evening hours, we are dry for your drive home. 60 today. 62 for tomorrow. near 70 ahead of the front. then we will start to kick things out and dry and cool things out as well. look at sunday's high, only 48. larry, over to you. >> thank you. want to let you know we have an accident again on the southbound side of 95. this is between 212 and the beltway. the shoulder is blocked. the delays appear to be growing more than a mile at this point. sky 9 has been over the scene for the past half an hour or so to at least show us this delay here. that is the southbound side of 95. you can see traffic crawling. again you might want to consider columbia pike as an alternate. that sees its own fair share of traffic but it will be a lot better than what you would typically see here. parts of the bw parkway once you get toward college park might work for you as well depending where you're going.
6:50 am
back to the maps, marc train riders everything is on schedule. vre still running on schedule. we've been doing really well on the rails aside from metro. we had a few issues there. convince orchard road to the -- quince orchard road to the beltway an 11-minute commute. from fairfax county parkway to l street northwest now a 35- minute commute. we'll send it over to you. >> thanks, larry. we haven't heard from one of the biggest selling groups on the planet in over ten years. now they're back with a stop in our area. >> tommy mcfly has more in the 94.7 fresh fm studios. good morning. >> full disclosure. i'm super excited about this. the dixie chicks are going back on tour. they announced it yesterday and the internet freaked out at the news. check it out. >> just when you thought you were safe, america, we're back. >> it's been ten years since we toured the u.s. >> there's no telling what will happen this time. >> they sold over 30 million al
6:51 am
bups. they will be at jiffy lube live on june 25. the reaction has been outrageous. people like this woman jessica in buffalo, new york, can finally wear her foot tattoo out in public one more time loud and proud. check out that tattoo. >> glad to have them back. >> they're good in concert. >> something else. >> they're so good. so good. >> thanks, tommy. so most of us have those memories with parents or family whether they're absolutely hysterical and you could laugh forever about them, but rarely are they captured on video for everybody to enjoy over and over and over. >> one dad managed to get a good one of a kind video of his trip to vegas. take a look. >> there's the trump towers. same color as his hair. no, that view is looking north. that's open to the desert up
6:52 am
into utah and arizona i think. >> yeah, yeah, it would have been great, would have made great tv but the unidentified man borrowed his son's go pro camera to record his trip but he didn't know how to use it so all you see is him recording himself instead of all the great tourist sites he's talking about. we got a 360 there, mike. >> when he turns around, you can see it. his son discovered it and he posted the whole thing on u tiewb. -- on youtube. >> his tar cal. you've -- hysterical. you've seen a go pro. did he think it was an eye piece? >> he didn't have his 9 yearldz son with him -- 9-year-old son with him. the new england patriots and carolina panthers are the n.f.l. 's only undefeated teams because cincinnati fell last
6:53 am
night 10-6. low-scoring game. another story from this game, the texans starting quarterback brian left the game with a concussion. >> peyton manning will not suit up. he's dealing with a torn plantar fascia in his foot. that's the ten ton that runs at the bottom of the foot. it's very painful. he also has a sore right shoulder and rib injury as well. pandora is about to expand. it's paying radio $75 nil to acquire the struggling company's technology and intellectual property. then pandora will add the features to its streaming service over the next year. radio is expected to shut down as it seeks bankruptcy protections. a flood of support for hundreds of union members who have gone on strike at faucet maker koehler. more than half the town's
6:54 am
population protested. demanding include higher wages and lower health care costs. secretary of state john kerry meets with french president francois hollande. one of the suspects is believed to be behind the -- be the mastermind behind the attacks, the other involved in logistics. >> reporter: washington is waking up to extra patrols at the capitol, around the city and underground as well. metro transit police on high alert conducting canine sweeps and random bag checks. f.b.i. says there's no credible threat against d.c. but police are counting on you to remain vigilant. the general accounting office found it's easy for a terrorist to buy a gun in this country. that's according to our news partners at the "washington post." federal law prohibits gun ownership by convicted felons, fugitives, drug addicts and dom
6:55 am
most be abusers but not by members of known terror organizations. how ridiculous is that? ngao figures show over the last decade more than 2,000 terror suspects bod guns legally here in the u.s. a water main break in the courthouse neighborhood of arlington will certainly cause some problems for people in this area. the break started at about 2:00 this morning and there's no real end in sight. crews are here now working to repair it but several people will be without water. some will just have lighter water pressure. the actual break is at 14th street north and courtshouse road -- courthouse road. between 14th street and 50 is closed and will be for quite some time. maybe a few hours. it could be a few days. stay away from this area if at all possible. mike? >> thank you, nikki. do you have a pet? be prepared. starting in march delta airlines will no longer allow you to check your pets as baggage. the airline says bigger animals will have to use the cargo
6:56 am
service. that's typically pricier and less convent because the pet may -- convenient because the pet may not be shipped along with the customer's flight. pets can still fly on delta flights for free only if the pet carrier fits under the seat. it was reck nice sent of win any the pooh and -- winnie the pooh and his honey jar. workers tranquilized a bear before removing the can. it weighed 175 to 200 pounds. >> who still has those milk jars? >> glad he's okay. 60 degrees today. not a bad day. it's just going to be a lot cloudier today. by tomorrow we stay mainly dry. only a couple of showers off to the west. it's thursday we're tracking showers and heavier rain and also a thunderstorm possible but we cool off. look at sunday. only 48 degrees. larry, over to you. >> good running weather
6:57 am
nonetheless. again southbound on 95 between 212 and the beltway action still have the shoulder blocked. sky 9 has been over that scene for a while now. so you can see it's really slow going, painstakingly slow. traffic times in terms of your commute is down to the single digits if you'll be driving along that stretch. you might consider columbia pike as an alternate. cbs this morning is next. the smithsonian celebrates african-american history on the national mall. >> an eye opening look at the new museum coming up next. >> make sure you get the wusa9 app for traffic and weatherup dates throughout the day. >> because, friends, the app is where it's at. >> we'll have a ♪ every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you.
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. >> good morning, it is tuesday, november 17th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news, russia confirst a terrorist bomb brought down a passenger jet in egypt. the kremlin vows revenge for the victims. dozens of mant hunts for the terrorist suspects. charlie d'agata takes us inside an isis sleeper cell in iraq. plus tornadoes take aims at millions of americans. we look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >>is it the f tirstime russian officials said a bomb brought


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